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  1. Free cbjunkies.com window decals
  2. We have added taptalk mobile device support
  3. Added a high visibility skin style
  4. Please share us on facebook
  5. Trouble registering told you are spam
  6. We now have smaller decals to
  7. Video on how to install decals
  8. CB JUNKIES Advertisement!
  9. Added all different vinyl decals to the shop yankee logo's skulls etc..
  10. That's Just Cool!!!
  11. We have added a new DX Cluster
  12. Cb junkies radio auction now open!!
  13. Forum Donation Information
  14. Dx Cluster moved
  15. Taptalk replaced with forumrunner app
  16. Server security updates
  17. Site database errors
  18. Login and registration captcha have been fixed
  19. Your personal ignore list
  20. check out our new social network website
  21. PBR streetgang Colorado USA waving boy howdy
  22. Posting suggestions