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09-24-2013, 11:53 AM

1157I just compleated my re-purposed 12 VDC Power supply for my workbench/Shack.

I took an old PC's 250 watt power supply (PS), cut all the the wires that weren't needed, and just kept the 12 VDC wires. Tied a couple of them together that trick the PS into thinking it's connected to the Pc so it will start, and it's working. I only got shocked once. Ha Ha.

I put a couple of plugs on the side of the PS , so I can use banana type plugs when hooking up a radio or whatever runs on 12 vdc. I have my Cobra 29 Lx running on it right now with no problems.

I did try plugging the 2 pill in ,but it went out on overload protection.

I'm a little surprised that power supply isn't as clean as I thought it would be. I'm getting a little static from it through the radio. I do have a PC running, this PS, a portable drill battery charger,and flouresent lights running all in the same proximity. Guess I will have to try some filters. But Hey! the whole thing only cost me $6.00 for parts.

It was really fun to make. I don't know how much Power supplies cost, but I'm sure there more than $6.00.

the caveman
09-25-2013, 02:41 PM
Sweet looks good FogDog!

02-14-2014, 04:38 PM
I have built a few of those. In fact my galaxy 959 is running on one now. The one its hooked to only puts out 4.2a but it works. The lights dim when I key up but I turned the dimmer down and sometimes just push the dimmer switch in to turn them off. On mine I take either a 10 ohm sandbar resistor or sometimes I use two 25 ohm in paralell [wich gives 12.5 ohms] and connect them to one of the red [+5v] wires or a orange[+3.3v] then to one of the black gnd wires. Then zip tie them to the back of the psu near the fan. That provides the load to fool it into turning on. The yellow wires are normaly +12v. Solder all yellow together and then solder all the black [minus the one on the resistor] together seperately. Yellow =hot black= gnd. Cut off all other wires or tape well to prevent unwanted smoke. Useing all the yellow and all the black wires will give you more stability and maxium amps. Hope someone finds this helpfull