View Full Version : Charlie Brown 112 Smokey Hills of TN

02-05-2014, 08:11 PM
LOL This thing says i'm in the swamp. I guess that means i'm in deeper than a mud duck fo show.:300 (172):
Hellllooooooo come in.

Silverado 996
02-05-2014, 08:23 PM
Welcome to CB junkies. Yep... The ducks are swimming on you, lol! Welcome to the site! You won't stay in the swamp long.

Breaka Breaka

the caveman
02-05-2014, 11:38 PM
Come on in Charlie brown and get outta the swamp! I'm Caveman 195 up above you in Southern Indiana come on!

02-07-2014, 09:09 PM
Welcome to the CB Junkies. The Fogdog said that. Back quiet.

02-07-2014, 09:31 PM