View Full Version : To balun or not to balun

02-09-2014, 12:46 PM
I'm getting ready to put up my new ant.(mako v5/8). Will be using lmr 400 coax. Mast will be 50-60 ft. Power will be under 400 watts for 10m. Are there any advantages to using a balun? I dont know if I need one or not. My 11m rigs will be utillizing the same ant just going to use 3 pos. switch. Also any recomendations on a good ant matcher? I have a landmatic but for some reason my swr went through the roof so I took it out of line. It worked good for a couple of months then just gave up. If they arn't going last any longer than that why bother? I dont want to be the loudest or the strongest station I just want good quality audio out of my stuff and to protect them from swr as much as posible. I have a galaxy959, Navajo trc433, cobra 29xlr,two cobra 19s,a transonic 23ch(no one seems to have heard of) and just got a philly made uniden 66lx. And I hope to be getting my hro2600 this week. At some point all these will be in line at one point or another and I dont want to have to fool with the ant or anything other than unhook one and hook up another. So I want the ant as top notch as I can get it. thanks:300 (274):

02-10-2014, 04:25 PM