View Full Version : The grant 2 down under (1st one out of europe)

02-17-2014, 04:58 PM
Big elect storm took out phones and computer last week .. 25+ year old antenna lives on... after a quick tickle and swr my first call on 38 was answered by world radio 149 Rich in California ! Love this grant 2 it is AWESOME ! :-)... :tears_of_joy:
Don't know how well you can see with the black background .. I will put up build pix if anyone wants to see inside ? Extraction fan, air flow holes , cooling tower (2 fans stuck together) extra p/sulpply for lights and fans, USB x2 charger + power society .. now the swr meter is playing up.. great... this really is the ducks nuts in radios I just love it ! I case I did not mention that :eyebrows: very very happy with it, come on new antenna.... cheers to al.... Please let me know what you think ? Ideas welcome... :-) 351.....

09-09-2014, 03:16 AM
Trying to find mod to open clarifer on the President Grant 2 ? If anyone has heard of one yet?