View Full Version : Lots of skip rolling into Arizona lately

02-18-2014, 01:11 AM
In the last few weeks I have been hearing a lot of Southern stations as well as East Coast, Miwest and Canada during daylight hours only.
Made some good solid contacts using my no-name 4-foot mag mount, Galaxy DX99, a Palomar 225, inside my garage. No luck on AM or standard 40's did have a fairly long contact with Wisc. on 27.555 USB, told me to turn off my echo (forgot it was on) and told me I was off frequency (low) I no longer have my freq meter and bought the 99v off Flea Bay so it's never been tuned up.
I was running about 65 watts.
I have an HOA that won't allow anything so I am finishing up a Magnetic loop, I did it a little different with a non-series capacitor gamma match, if it turn out well I will post results and details.