View Full Version : Cobra 29 wx nw st acting strange

03-21-2014, 06:18 AM
Hi all

Not sure if I have a problem or not but this morning my meter was acting strange. Totally stock radio. The when TXing the meter was only going to about 5. Tried to check SWR same only going to 5 the calibrate knob did nothing. Radio was cold, temp 29*. Was talking & receiving fine though. Talked to the same fellow about 25 miles away that I have talked to several times.

Is my radio getting ready to crap out? Just a glitch? Just cold? I'm thinking it was just cold, hope so anyway. Anybody ever had an issue like this?

Here I'm getting ready to do a couple mods and it starts acting up. Still waiting on my parts to show up. Now it looks like it will be next week before everything is here. Which may be a good thing if the radio has problems I don't want to start changing things until I can get it fixed.

If any of you have any idea please let me know?


03-21-2014, 06:55 AM
Disregard the whole first post IDIOT operator in the dark. In other words I couldn't see I didn't have the switches set correctly. LOL

Shit happens!