View Full Version : Dosey Watt Meter

04-17-2014, 07:55 PM
Anyone know how to change a burned out night light in a Dosey TC3001-P Watt meter ?

Gordon Gekko
04-19-2014, 08:23 AM
Yes...change the bulb.

04-20-2014, 10:50 AM
I emailed Dosy about this about a week ago and never heard from them. I know never to buy from them again, yes, I had a friend help me change out the bulb was not realy sure how it came apart because I needed a shcmatic diagram.

04-21-2014, 07:08 PM
Ok I have been all over town including battries & bulbs formaly battries plus and no one has the bulb in stock If anyone knows were to get one at let me know were to buy one at ?

Gordon Gekko
04-22-2014, 02:54 PM
Use an LED instead of bulb.