View Full Version : Studio Gear Entire Set-up For 6 Pin Ranger Radio's

05-02-2014, 07:29 AM
Considering the sale of a complete Studio, already moded for 6 pin Ranger radio's. Can just plug in and get Studio Audio. Would keep for myself, by wife having a heart attack with Studio gear in home as opposed to regular mic. My lost would be your gain. Comes with the following:

1. Mic MXL 990 for vocals & MXL 993 for instruments in custom Plastic case

2. Custom foam cover for MXL-990 Mic

3. 2-6 foot xlr cables, incuding one customized to go into 6 pin ranger radio.

4. PTT Switch Hand Switch ( my hand PTT could only be wired for 6 pin, but you can see in video can be wired for a four pin mic using a different PTT Switch.

5. Newest Tube ART Pre-Amp Project series professional Practically new received yesterday

6.Custom Boom with additional XLR cable built in that clamps on desk to hold Mic up.

Going to probably loose money, but if sell will be asking $200 plus shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation

Mic's - $60.00
Custom cover - $20.00
PTT Switch - $15
Pre-Amp - $80.00
Boom - $35
2-6 Foot XLR Cables - $10.00
Total $220 into it for, All practically brand new and 100% guaranteed to work, bench tested by local studio tech who wired for me. Everything in mint, like new condition.

PS - Not even 100% going to sell, curious to see if any people have want/need for this type of set-up. Got idea from Screwdriver at Bell's CB when saw this video below.


I have the Higher Model Pre-Amp, which sounds better, and using a slightly different boom. Other than that very similar set-up. Great review for Studio sound on SSB and AM.

If interested would have to have a PayPal Account in order to purchase

05-05-2014, 05:41 AM
SOLD - Thank you just send me details and will get out today. Will love the audio you can get from an export radio. If anyone else has need feel free to message me as a friend has bought same set-up and has to sell due to need of money for ill parents. Thank you as always to the forum with helping with the sale.