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the caveman
06-03-2014, 03:07 AM
I'm looking for a magnet mount antenna I can get off someone dirt cheap or for trade to get my mobile back up and running. Shoot me any offers. I might take a junker depending on its condition/problem.

06-03-2014, 08:50 AM
Have you looked on your local Craig's list? I find antennas and all sorts of stuff on there that people are giving away. Also may check the local goodwill store. Shipping an antenna will cost roughly 15-25 dollars depending on the weight and method of shipping. Not worth the effort for a junker antenna IMO.

the caveman
06-03-2014, 03:24 PM
I've checked Craig's list but nothing I want. I'll have to check good will.

06-03-2014, 03:45 PM
If you don't have any luck there hit me with a PM. I have one I could give you but you will have to come and pick it up.

06-03-2014, 10:15 PM
I'm looking for a magnet mount antenna I can get off someone dirt cheap or for trade to get my mobile back up and running. Shoot me any offers. I might take a junker depending on its condition/problem.

Remember the coax and the Antenna is the most important part of your system, wouldn't want dirt cheap junk or your radio system will not have good transmit and receive. Consider the Sirio Performer/Turbo 5000 with 145 Magnut Mount. Sometimes DNJ has sales and specials, even thought I prefer H&Y Electronics.

PS - Even a Wilson 5000 or lower depending on how many watts you are going to run. Even Ebay sometimes has people who buy and have to sell for personal reasons and are like new.

the caveman
06-03-2014, 11:00 PM
If I don't get ahold of on I will probably order a 3ft hustler or 3ft k30 mag mount. I'm just needing a small decent antenna to run a barefoot radio on.

06-04-2014, 01:42 AM
Look at the sirio megawatt 4000 as well. The sirio line of antennas are pretty good. I own the performer 5000 and a mega watt 4000, both perform well. I use the pl145 mag mount. And I believe H&Y has the performer in stock. Don't waste your money on a k30, they are just a POS IMO. Bad design IMO, I had issues with water intrusion every time it rained and I never could get the darn antenna to tune worth a crap. Just my experience and opinion. Spend a little more and have a good antenna system. In the end its up to you, but remember your antenna System is the heart of your entire system. I will say this, you can have the best radio on the market, but without a good antenna system that top of the line radio might as well be a door stop. JMO. I would take tallman up on his offer and get the performer 5000. You won't be disappointed. With a K30 antenna you will be lucky to talk 5-10 miles. With the sirio antenna I have spoken up to 70 miles on ssb locally. This isn't common but 30 miles isn't out of reach with the performer antenna depending on the radio. Like I said in the end it's your system and you will be the one using it, so it's your decision. But if it were my hard earned money I wouldn't spend it on any of the k series antennas. The wilson antennas have been a let down for me as well as the quality of them has gone way down, find an older one that is pre barjan made and they are of better quality. Nowadays they are just not worth the money. Again this is JMO. Save a little and get a good antenna. You aren't going to be happy with a k30 I promise you that, they are hard to tune and have a narrow bandwidth as well. Like I said I couldn't get my k40 to tune under 1.5-1.7 swr. Same radio and vehicle with the sirio performer 5000 and pl145 mag mount and the swr readings for 1 were 1.1 and channel 40 1.15. This is right out of the box, no trimming of the whip. I cut 1/2" off and have just about a flat swr reading across the entire cb band and can go well beyond up or down in frequency without the swr reading being bad. Sorry for the long post but I feel that this is one of the most looked over part of a radio system.
God bless and hope you get everything resolved.

07-28-2015, 02:26 PM
Any truck stop has name brand and cut rate antennas. I see Diesel brand antennas has a mag mount for $25.

Word of Wisdom. Only use a mag mount where the coax is laid as smooth as possible. Don't use a mag mount in place of a trunk mount. If you use a mag mount, the coax flops loose and gets pinched and damaged. The trunk lip mount has a frame that keeps the coax stable when opening and closing the trunk and keeps it from getting bent too much causing the SWR to go nutz as well. ebay has trunk lip "new/old" stock hustlers and such for a good price. I paid $35 free shipping for a hustler trunk lip just a month ago. You do have to look at ebay 3 times a day and be ready to jump on it. Things go fast. I lost a couple things I wanted by procrastinating for 30 minutes!

07-29-2015, 10:15 AM
This thread is over one year old. If you knew Caveman you would know he has bought 20 different antennas, radios, and amplifiers since this was posted.

the caveman
08-02-2015, 02:58 PM
I've done bought me 3 GOOD mag mounted antennas in the past couples months and I will say I am impressed with them there Mr. Grapeape. My SWR's stay low and consistent and coax only flops around when you don't install your antenna correctly. Also I've had some pretty good luck out of a K30 and uniden 510xl I have on my ladies car :rockon:

11-01-2015, 03:04 PM
So the thread is for the information of the OP only? No one else can gain insight into a similar problem or dilemma? No one can add thoughts to the problem? I'm sorry, I didn't see where the thread was closed. I must have been drunk :very_drunk: Besides, the Universe is always concocting solutions to various things. Old thread or new, added wisdom should always be welcome for others to read. If you started a new thread for every branch of the river, information would be spread out over the board like Teslas Patents. No one would know what solution went with what predicament.:300 (26): BTW, I wasn't digging through any archives. This thread was near the top of the forum.

I guess if you want to get really technical, this is a classified thread where the OP was looking for an antenna to buy. Therefor the only person who should respond would be one who has an antenna to sell. All the other replies offering unsolicited advice was not inline with the intent of the forum category either.

Too cool Caveman, I'm glad you found some performing mag mounts. I use the big Tram on my Buick. Everything else has bolted on Antennas. I had a Lil Wil but the internal soldier kept breaking causing intermittent signal problems as the antenna wiggled in the wind. I prefer the Hustler with the stress relief spring at the coil end.

And you are correct, a well installed antenna leaves no sloppy coax. That's why I mentioned to shy away from mag mounts on a trunk lid. It's an improper application. There is no way to secure the coax save putting p-clips all over the top and bottom of your trunk lid :p

I'll try to keep the OP date in mind, but reserve the right to open my mind and my mouth to let others know my opinions, I'm kinda like that. Must be the teacher in me struggling to stay alive. :300 (106):