View Full Version : class c converted to class b or ab

10-31-2014, 07:56 AM
Howdy folks. My class c Skinnyboy 1x2 had a failure in the driver stage the other night. 3 caps and the 2290 gave up. 2 of the caps were 100pf and the one on the toroid xfrmr was 1000pf. I didn't have the same value caps or a good 2290 to replace them with so I used 2 120pf and 1 1300pf caps instead. Also all I had to replace the pill with was either a sd1446 or a Toshiba 2879. Since the other 2 pills are Toshiba 2879s that's the one I used. What else should I have done or do to make sure nothing goes poof? And I'm wanting to do more ssb so how do I convert the box from class c to class b or ab? Which would be better as I will continue to run AM as well? And maybe most importantly how do I clean up the bleedover? Coax is lmr 400, radio is a clean running galaxy 959 swinging to 20ish watts. Box off radio on ch 20 its only txing on 20, box on radio on 20 txing from 23-18. I want to clean up the bleed problem but not loose any more power than necsary as I need all I can get but don't want to be a bother to folks on other channels. Thanks for any help. Maybe Tallman will see this and know what to do but any help from you amp gurus is greatly appreciated. 73s

10-31-2014, 08:37 PM
Send it to crusher he will make it right!!