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12-17-2014, 01:45 AM
Just found the new forum to check out, I am a younger guy but I always look forward to learning more!! CB has proved to be a fun and easy hobby for me as my job moves me around a lot. At the moment I am looking into getting into ssb so any suggestions on a decent ssb mobile rig would be great.

512 South Louisiana :wave:

12-17-2014, 08:04 AM
A good fcc legal cb/SSB radio is the uniden 980 for the money, if you can find an old uniden grant that would be even better, base station, a cobra 2000, uniden Washington, or Madison. Now if you want an export radio that will do more than 12 watts, the rci 2950, 2970, the optima mk3 while not an am power house, works well on SSB. There are a plethora of radios these days that will work for both am and SSB. Me personally, stay away from Galaxy radios if you do a lot of SSB, they tend to drift as the temp changes. The magnum 257hp does do well on both am and SSB but is no longer in production as far as I know. The first 2 radios I listed are legal fcc type approved radios, the others are exports and are illegal in the US, not that this stops people from purchasing them and also there are a few sellers US based that sell them. Also a good antenna system is vital to your radio to to work well. Good antenna, coax, and connectors and connections are essential, and with power and grounding goes the same. Don't use the cig lighter plug to operate your radio, really not meant for it. Run a dedicated power run to the battery and a good ground from something like a seat bolt to the frame. These and a few other common sense things will make your entire system perform optimally. Have a good one and have fun. God Bless.