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12-28-2014, 01:49 PM
It's been a ton of years since I've been on the CB. I guess it was back in the 80's that I was last on the air. Hunting in the deep woods of Maine where there is no cellphone capability, motivated the purchase of the unit in my Avatar.

Not only "hunting," but I take the wife to Florida every year, from here in CT, and we travel by my F-150.
My GPS is helpful to some degree, but I missed being able to get real-time evaluations of the traffic tie ups, and upcoming impending storms.

As I've begun to use the CB again, I have found (of course) that the fervor has died down some, (less bodies on the air, at least up here in New England) and that the Licensing has gone away.

I sent in my Registration Card to the FCC those many years ago, and received a Call Sign of "KBOJ 7569." Interestingly enough, when I Searched for my License on the FCC Website, nothing came up (lol).

Another thing I've noticed, is the use of three-digit numerals as Call Signs. When did THAT start? How did they come up with their numerical sequences? Random choice?

As you can tell by my Avatar, the unit I bought (which also comes with two Battery Packs, for when I'm out of my vehicle), does not have Upper and Lower Sideband; a feature that I still want.
I may invest in the next couple of years, in a Galaxy DX-959, so that I can move into the USB and LSB world. Time will tell. Perhaps I'll use it as a Base Station, so the wife can track me (lol). I see myself with a D104 and a Power Mic, with a Star Duster Antenna (or equivilent) on the roof of my house.