View Full Version : Call Signs and Chatter

12-29-2014, 04:26 AM
Now that I'm "back" into the CB world, after a long absence, I'm trying to get back "into the groove" with my CQ requests and general conversation. The hand-held you see in my Avatar, does not have USB and LSB (something I want for a future Galaxy unit that I'm looking at).

Aside from the lack (currently) of USB and LSB, I understand the laid back use of Channel 19 (has Channel 38 come to be the alternative to "19" these days?) and I don't "Smokie and the Bandit" my use of it. I just get on there, ask a question, and get into a conversation if it happens.

On the other hand, when I first get rolling, I typically use "Soupy two two nine'er in the Constitution State, readin the mail, CQ, CQ" as my intro. Calmly and maturely (I'm not a kid anymore) I call out, without a made up "Southern" accent. I don't play games on there.

Yesterday, a gentleman said, after I sent out that intro on "19" to see who might be nearby, "You're on the wrong channel, bub!" (He didn't sound upset or angry or nothing.........just making an observation.

I "get" it, I suppose. Perhaps that's more of an USB or LSB intro, but so what?! There's not all that many folks out there these days (at least not in MY area, and not as many as in the 70's) and I believe there is room for respectful conversation (makes me laugh when I say that, given the smut that CAN be on the air, at times).

Talk to me about 2015 and the CB...........about the lingo shift, the behavioral changes. Bring me up to speed, will ya?