View Full Version : A Big Disappointment

04-01-2015, 10:29 AM
I bought a new Galaxy 2527 about 8 years ago. Non of my radio get any modifications except the frequency conversion. The 2527 still keys up and modulates but it will not change channels or frequencies. I'm afraid the problem may be a bad processor. I've contacted a repair shop that is supposed to be the main warranty repair service for all Ranger and Galaxy radios. I hope they can repair it. It still looks like a new radio.

the caveman
05-31-2015, 12:05 PM
It might be a bad processor or a minor solder or wiring issue

05-31-2015, 01:25 PM
It turned out to be a bad CPU board. I've was lucky to have found a good CPU board. It wasn't cheap but it better than having a radio that doesn't work.

05-31-2015, 01:27 PM
Sorry! double post.