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04-03-2015, 10:52 PM
I have been looking at the CBs that have the SSB where you can talk long distances and have been wanting to put a radio in my patrol car for the nights that its slow. What radio and accessories would you suggest me getting? Thanks

tripple nickel
04-04-2015, 12:31 AM
ThinBlueLine187 (http://www.cbjunkies.com/members/2901-ThinBlueLine187),

Welcome to the forum, my one question is what would be said when you install a suitable antenna on the patrol car ? is this you own personal vehicle or law enforcement owned ? As for radio, others may not agree but I would look closely @ Cobra 148 gtl, which has all the bells & whistles you would ever need. As for mobile antenna, it's hard to beat the antenna that started all the craze over cb's, the regular SS 102 inch whip antenna. In my opinion, this set-up would give you the most bang for you dollar, under $200 +- new. One thing to consider, SKIP which it's known as, comes and goes with the weather and usually not available @ late night hours. JMHO, good luck and keep us posted.

04-04-2015, 05:24 AM
The skip or dx cycle whatever you want to call it is about to come to an end here shortly and there will be a lot less skip or dx. There will still be some I'm sure but the dx cycle is almost at its end. Just some food for thought. Like triple nickel said, the older cobra 148's are great radios, the new ones seem to not be as good and have been plagued with issues. The uniden 980 is another good little radio. $105 on Amazon. I have one. Not a power house, but is and was dead on frequency our of the box and works well. It's fcc legal so it does only 4 watts am, and 12 watts pep. Also look for maybe an older uniden grant. For an antenna, depends on how you can mount it. If you can hard mount It and drill a hole, get a breedlove puck mount and a predator 10k antenna. If you are limited to magnet mount antenna, the sirio 5000 performer or 5000 turbo with the sirio PL145 magnet mount would work well. Get a decent power/swr meter to set your vswr. Radio shack if there is still one around you sells a good little meter for $40. You will also need a 3ft coax jumper to connect between the radio and meter. I would not skimp on the antenna. This is the most vital part or the entire system. Again like triple nickel said, either a 102" whip with an adjuster bottom section or 6" spring, or a predator 10k, or sirio performer 5000 for that matter all work well. You want the tallest antenna you can get. The closer to 108" total the better. A 102" ss whip with a 6" spring is what a lot of people use. The closer to that 108" height the better. Anything close to that height, like within 1-2ft or so will work as well. Shorter antennas mean less rx/tx capabilities. But remember this. It's all about conditions when talking "skip" or long distances. Get a good antenna setup and you will be suprised at stock radio will do. JMHO's.