View Full Version : New guy,, Questions about ssb radios

09-07-2015, 04:42 PM
A couple of us are wanting to get radios with some channels other than just the standard 40 channels
Please keep in mind that we don't know much about CB's. I have been looking at radios that have ssb.
But I read somewhere that the Galaxy's are 10 meters and the Cobras are 11 meters. Is this true? And is a licence required for ether one?

I have a few questions buy want to get this part sorted out first THANKS

09-08-2015, 06:17 AM
The three digit Galaxy's are 11 meter (CB Band...Galaxy 919,959,979 etc.) The Galaxy's with just two digits are the Exports, or 10 Meter radios, which technically requires a license but once the radio is converted for CB use, that becomes a mute-point anyway. (Galaxy 55, 88, 99, 93T, etc.)

Uniden makes a good SSB radio, the 980...Galaxy 959 and 979 are both decent SSB radios as well...Those three and the Cobra 148 are about it in CB (11 Meter) SSB radios, just about everything else is going to be in the 10 Meter, which would have to have a modification done in order to pick up the CB Band.

09-08-2015, 06:33 AM
A good antenna setup and any of the radios JJD mentioned should work well. The uniden 980 is a great beginner cb/SSB radio. They come pretty well dead on freq out of the box. They also sport the weather channels as well. For the money they are a good little FCC approved no license required cb/SSB radio. I like the Galaxy radios but on SSB the ones I've heard a lot seems to drift off freq a bit no matter what, and this causes you to sound funny on SSB. The uniden 980 doesn't do this. Get a good antenna setup and you'll be good to go. JMO.