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Gas can
07-05-2016, 11:24 PM
This is a fun and informative site to navigate and I would like to be a part of action. I've been on the two way from the late 1970's. I started out as "red eye" on a 23 Channel mounted in my jeep. In 1980 my jeeps gas gage broke. I mounted two 5 gal gas cans on the back because I was bad about topping off my tank offend enough to keep from running out of gas, that usually happened 3 to 4 times a week. All this led to me saying I'm going 10-7 and 15 minutes later saying I'm 10-8 and smoken! During the 15 minute period I'd hear my two way ringing off the hook with "are you at the gas can?" I had a huge group of friends and always making new ones with the help of my palomar tube kicking my rant. After about a month of pulling over to get the gas can, some of the new arrivals heard "gas can" enough times leading them to think that was my handle and my regulars thought that was funny and "gas can" was born! No matter how much I fought to keep my original handle "red eye", "gas can" was to be the only call for me and it became permanent. My 23 chan radio was swapped out for a 40 chan then to a 40 chan with ssb. I retired after more than 30 years as a plumber/remodel guy. I spent a lot of time on the road working in Sacramento, San Francisco and Marin ca. The two way (and my dog) was with me the entire time, and at times keeping me alive during the longs days, I know you all have been there. 99.99% of the voices I've heard in my travels across these United States keeps me on the radio. Looking forward to more of what makes cbjunkies great, CB junkies! Ya'l take care now! "gas can" said it!

07-06-2016, 06:07 AM
Glad to have to Gas can. Hope you enjoy the site. It's been slow as far as activity is concerned, but there is a lot of great info if you just use the search feature. Lots of topics on things. Not sure what you are running now, but I do talk to CA, a bunch when DX was really rolling. As of late my Icom 746 hasn't seen much action LOL!! At any rate, maybe I'll hear/ talk with you one day.
73 and God Bless,
222 Daytona Beach, FL.

I'm just a CB'er, what do I know???

Gas can
07-06-2016, 11:03 PM
Hello 222FL. Thank you for the warm welcome. I got a big kick from what you said about maybe I'll hear you one day. After living in California for 55 years I'll be calling Florida my home. The plan started about 40 years ago when I was a teen living in San Francisco (born and raised) and watching tv and seeing a commercial on tv about Florida. It looked like a tropical paradise! I have been vacationing there for years and plan on taking my heart out of San Francisco and leaving it in Florida. I've narrowed my target to So. East FL and should be (home) in 3 months. I'm sure you will be able hear me with the gear we have, and I hope to make new friends in paradise. I'll need a month or more to get settled, I need to factor in lighting concerns, something most of us in the Sacramento area really don't worry about. At the risk of rambling on, thanks again for the nice welcome. Gas can said it

07-07-2016, 12:30 AM
Glad to meet some old time radio people. That's my style.:whoo:

07-07-2016, 03:57 AM
Man build a text wall if you like LOL! I have nothing but time to read when I hit the forums. And a warm welcome to the Sunshine State when you do arrive. So SE coast of FL. I am in Daytona Beach, and I can talk to gents in every direction for about 60-70 miles or more depending on the floor noise and conditions. 65 miles is a regular thing for me on SSB locally. But that may change here soon. I have been pondering the idea of a true tower. Maybe a Rohn 25ft or even a 40ft or something similar. Right now base of my antenna is only at 26-27ft. I am using a Sirio vector 4000 which is a long antenna and does work well though, and I with 100 watts I have no issue getting heard at 65-70 miles on a normal day. Some days it's a lot further than that, especially as of late as the floor noise has been low and no activity hardly, DX wise. And yes, hope to hear you and have a nice qso with you as well even if I catch you before you leave your current QTH. Anyways. Be safe getting here and let me know when you do make the actual move. It's nice getting more locals, especially ones that still mess with radio. Again, be safe moving and 73 and God Bless, til we speak on air.

I'm just a CB'er, what do I know???

Gas can
07-07-2016, 10:35 AM
Hello Sean Daytona beach was my first stop on my first trip to the Sunshine state way back when. Being that I have a background in plumbing I have 2 2"x 10' gal pipes and 1 1"x 10' gal pipe with a 1"x 2" bell reducer tied together as the base and a solarcon 99 with ground plane reaching 48' to the tip, about 2' in the ground and tied to the second story roofline and guy wire at the top of the 1" pipe tied to the roof. Wind is not a real problem hear, gusts around 60 mph are few and high wind around 30 mph is normal in the fall and winter with gusts around 45-50 mph. The only thing I've had to do when I got some feed back on my transmission was tighten up 3 of the 4 ground planes in 8 years. I did weld up a 60' tower at my previous house, pored a concrete foundation and never got a chance to erect it due to moving. I didn't want the hassle of the local peace keepers moving a 60' tri pole trough 2 counties if you know what I mean. Cutting and welding it back together is no problem, but where I moved the large old growth trees are too close to the house for a 60' erecting and with the antenna mounted would even be longer. I didn't build a stage antenna base because at the time there were no obstructions in the way, and working out of town left me little time for the fun stuff. The new buyer of the previous house was happy to get a nice base, I call it a deposit into my karma savings account. I'm working on a new type of base for the anticipation of HIGH winds! I need to find the height limits in my area before I have a final design. The real world starts in about an hour forcing me to eject for now. Catch up with you later, john. Gas can said it