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Gas can
07-09-2016, 02:58 PM

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The NEXT Sacramento Sandbaggers CB Break is on September 24th Saturday 10 am at Discovery Park !!!!!, Hope to ... I have been to this CB Break before. The Radio Operators, their family and friends make you feel as a part of the family. Start by visiting with the Chef, "252" he is a great guy and will go over the menu of the grilled cuisine to be served. "252" has a well tuned setup and always a great help when my transmit is less than normal. "252", " Willie Wanka", "Smoke Shop" and ton of other great guys and gals that make up the " Sacramento Sandbaggers" that dominate channel 17 in central California and when the time is right can be heard....well just keep an ear pealed for load and proud DX coming your way. Everything you would expect at well organized CB Break will be there. If you can make the trip you will have a great time, eat some excellent food, meet some awesome people and will leave with great memories and great new friends. C U THERE! "Gas can" said it