View Full Version : Galaxy melaka

12-15-2016, 08:54 PM
Running the galaxy Melaka with Turner mic A99 on a 15 ft mast 30 ft away from house

12-17-2016, 07:14 AM
When you are ready get it up to 30ft or higher and you'll notice a decent difference in how it works. Just some food for thought. And also make sure you have a choke at the feedpoint or are using the GPK, or have some type of balun to keep the RF where it belongs. On the antenna and not your coax. Also a low pass filter works well to help eliminate any RFI/TVI issues.
You may know all this stuff already, but doesn't hurt to go over it with a new install. Doing it the right way takes a bit of time and effort. The rewards are worth it though. Also a good ground system and quality EMP/surge arrester is a good idea. Again, just some food for thought. You might already have all this covered already. If not, I suggest doing it if you plan on keeping the antenna up for any length of time. JMHO. Have a good one and nice base setup. Setting mine back up at the moment. Antenna was taken down and is to be moved and re mounted. Should work well when I am done. Anyhow. Again, have a good one and be safe!! Happy Holidays.