View Full Version : What did you find in a barn lately?

06-13-2017, 07:59 AM
Last night I answered an add on "Letgo" about a D-104 Silver Eagle for $50.00. After I talked to this kid for a few minutes, he lowered the price to $30. I said where can we meet. When I paid him he said he had CB stuff in the barn and wanted to get rid of it. IE, throw it away. My son and I drove to his house and he proceeded to drag stuff out of his barn. I was amazed!!!!!! Here is a partial list of what I stuffed in my truck and ran quickly.

Power Scanner meter model PDC 700
Lafayette Telstat-1140
Johnson messenger 323A
Midland 13-882B
Westcom Trucker 400
boxes of mic's and switches
Browning Golden Eagle MK3 (this is what D-104 was on)
Original Nentendo NES with boxes of games

I asked him what he wanted for everything and he said!!!!!!!!!!

to be continued:
Only if you are curious