View Full Version : Interesting side effects from my radio.

06-28-2017, 03:14 PM
When I transmit my computer goes crazy. It keeps opening up the explorer and the next time I key up, it will close it. If I am talking, I can't type anything at all... anywhere.

any thoughts?


06-28-2017, 09:47 PM
RF is getting into your electronics. Could have a dirty radio that has been over tuned or an issue with your antenna or coax. Or you just need to add a Low Pass Filter or some snap on ferrite chokes or even an isolation choke 1:1 balun. First I would make sure your radio is clean and no limiters have been clipped and/or the radio is an export or has been tuned to the Max! All of these things can cause what you are having issues with. Read up on RFI/TVI and their effects on other equipment as well as your neighbors tv's, computers, and any other electronic components that can be affected by RFI/TVI. Just some food for thought and some things that may be the cause and some ways I know to resolve them. Remember, Clean in equals clean out. Keep it clean and mean!! Hope you get it all resolved. Like I said, read up on RF getting back into your equipment and about RFI/ TVI and how they will affect your electronics. Hope this helps and have a good evening.

06-28-2017, 10:04 PM
I have both my Cobra 2000 and RCI 2980wx, and a 1x4 base amp and a 2x4 tube amp sitting on the same desk as my computer, and never had a issue with the computer...

I did have a issue with the radios bleeding into my daughters headphones to her computer once...stuck a ferrite choke on the headphones cord at the plug end, and that took care of that problem...