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06-28-2017, 03:36 PM
This is straight from their webpage. I found it interesting.

1940sIn 1948, Carl Korn founded Central Television Service Company to provide repair service for the fledgling television industry. The industry expanded so quickly that service equipment soon became outdated. Thus, Carl and his associates began designing, producing and marketing their own test equipment. Soon, B&K Electronics was born.
1950s and 1960sThroughout the 50s and early 60s, B&K Electronics, along with many other small electronics companies, joined forces to form Dynascan Corporation. In 1963, Dynascan engineers developed the world’s first citizens band (CB) radio, the Sidewinder, which was shortly followed by the Cobra. With widespread acceptance of CBs in the marketplace, the Cobra name caught on with consumers and eventually evolved into the symbol and brand name for this signature product.
1980sThe early 80s were boom years, with the introduction of cordless telephones and radar detectors. The Cobra name soon came to stand for technical innovation. By 1987, the company was propelled exclusively into the consumer electronics market.
1990sIn 1993, the corporate name was formally changed from Dynascan to Cobra Electronics Corporation with the NASDAQ stock trading symbol of COBR. Cobra Electronics identified the need for unique products and renewed its focus on product innovation and high-impact merchandising. This new strategy began paying impressive dividends in 1997, when the company registered double-digit revenue growth and a five-fold increase in earnings.
In January 1998, James (Jim) R. Bazet was named president and chief executive officer of Cobra Electronics Corporation. Under Jim’s leadership, the company continued to improve revenue and earnings.
2000sProving that providing quality products and service does not go unrecognized by customers, Cobra Electronics was the top performer in the CB radio, radar detection and two-way radio categories by the year 2000. Moving into the 21st century, Jim Bazet and the executive team focused on Cobra's global presence. In 2003, in addition to maintaining a leadership role in its core categories, Cobra Electronics entered two new growth categories—marine electronics and mobile navigation.
2010sCobra Electronics Corporation has grown and prospered over the past 50 years to become a leading designer and marketer of consumer electronics products. Once a small television repair business located in founder Carl Korn’s garage, Cobra Electronics products can now be found in more than 75 countries and 55,000 storefronts globally and continues to grow throughout the world.
Today’s product offerings include a large array of devices for anyone from professional drivers and driving enthusiasts to outdoor recreational and boating enthusiasts.