View Full Version : What is a CB Radio? For the younger generation like my children here is your answer

06-28-2017, 03:55 PM
Like vinyl 45's, the CB radio is a classic that will never die. I always said "Tubed CB radio's are like vinyl records, you just can't beat the sound and enjoyment,
Most young people who are familiar with FM radios, are unaware of the seventies phenomena called the citizen band radio, or CB radio. Here is some information that will help you familiarize yourself with the CB radio:

History of the CB radio: The citizen band radio service originated in the United States during the sixties to enable people to communicate using a CB radio frequency. Although it was originally intended to be used by the military, it gained popularity with taxi cab companies that used it to communicate with their drivers as a two-way radio. The seventies saw the popularity of the CB radio really explode, as it gained popularity among long-distance truckers. It was primarily used to warn fellow truckers of speed traps that were set up by the police to catch speeding truckers.

Use of citizen band radio: Unlike the ham or amateur radio, a CB radio can be used for both personal and business purposes. It can be shared by multiple users, although only one station is permitted to transmit at a given time, as stations must wait for available channel space. Although a citizen band radio legally requires a license, many users donít bother to get one.

The citizen band radio club is very much alive and is now more a hobby group. It is believed that thousands of people use the citizen band radio frequencies every day. The CB radio is still widely used by truckers and is very handy in rural areas where phone lines are either not available or not too reliable.