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09-25-2017, 06:46 PM
Well...i locked my self outta my F-250 on friday and happened to be useing a lil wil so i could expirament with the base station antana stuff(best location....grounding etc)with my 102" whip. I ended up unscrewing the whip off the lil wil and bending it to get into my still running truck....the lilwil worked for something! So anyway i had to make a hole in the side of the truck and install a ball mount and the 102" whip. Works GREAT! Now for my base i am building a wire diepole for horizontal use...and for my vertical i will be useing my Francis whip wich i believe to be 8' and am building a wire or drooping ground plane for that...or the vertical rigid dipole idea i have for that...eitherway it will be at about 30 to 40 foot up. Soon as i get my hands on more coax and a power supply for the Galaxy 959....i will be on the air with something other than my mobile....i think all of my questions were in a bit of a panic as i was moveing into my own place where i could put up a base and just was worried about what to do on a budget......all the responses helped as did my research....thanx guys!

.. hopefully talk to you soon!

427(the backwoodsman) in omaha nebraska where we are livin the good life.....wavin at ya...standin by........