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12-18-2017, 07:21 PM
Just got back into the hobby and am interested in learning all I can. Thanks for having me aboard.
Couple of questions.
So now that I have this new Bearcat 980 the urge to start a base station is growing.
Checking out the Stryker SR 10mm antenna recommended on another forum, which I'm thinking I could mount on top of my shed. The base antennas I've scouted out are just way to big and I think my neighbors and the better half would cringe. Next on the list is a power supply.
What is the more useful feature a volt/amp meter or a cigarette plug for use in the car?
Also why aren't USB connections used on any of this equipment?
My Acadia has lots of USB plugs but limited cigarette plugs.

01-24-2018, 02:57 PM
I am new on the forum, but pretty much know my way around the CB radio hobby as I have been into it for over 40 years. First off a mobile antenna, especially one made for 10 meter is not a good choice for base use. It is not resonant for 11 meter. You may want to look up the definition of resonant when pertaining to C B antennas. In short you would unlikely get it adjusted to a satisfactory SWR setting and would damage the finals in the radio. Secondly the performance would be poor even if you obtained a decent SWR setting. By decent I strive for 1.5 or less.

You can get a CB antenna that is relatively small and that is a M400. Good SWR out of the box and easy to assemble. If that antenna is too big then I would rethink about a CB base as a hobby. And if you are set on CB as some level of a hobby then I would think about putting all the funds into the mobile setup and make it the best you can and forego the base idea.

As far as the base, I forgot to mention a SWR meter is of foremost importance. Never transmit with high SWR as your radio would be short lived. This applies to mobiles too.

You mentioned a cigarette lighter plug in. Although that will power a low powered radio as you mentioned, but direct to battery is best because the other method often comes with electrical noise from the car charging system. If you go direct to battery be sure to install a fuse on the positive side right at the battery. This is in addition to any fuse the radio may already have in line. Auto parts stores sell the blade style fuse assemblies for about $5.00 and is easy to wire in place. This is imperative so that if the wire shorted you won't burn the car up.

Another thought came to mind about the base. Using the antenna you mentioned, you would not have a ground plane when installed on the shed unless the shed is aluminum. Ground plane is another concept that some CBers don't know much about. All in all the base setup you mentioned would be poor at best. And in rare cases when people do use a mobile antenna, a 1\4 wave whip is best as far as I have seen.

One more thought. If you are dead set on a base and an antenna that does not draw a lot of attention is a must (alot is a relative term) then you may consider a 11 meter dipole. A center conductor for the coax and two wires coming out each side is all there is to it. But SWR does need adjusted. You can buy it at the leading online auction site for about $30

My last thought other than I should had had my caffeine before writing this as it would had been better thought out, and that is to make your own antenna. Instructions are on one of the major websites where you can watch vids and post whatever interest YOU. I am pretty sure we are not supposed to reference websites by name, but I think you can figure it out.