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08-28-2018, 11:00 AM
Hi guys, brand new here and do not own a cb yet but had a question and wondering if cb is the answer I need

I am part of a running team and we just finished the hood to coast relay, it's a 200 mile team relay race. Teams are split into 2 vans, 6 runners in each and alternate the running legs. Van 1 takes legs 1-6, van 2 takes 7-12 etc.

This last year we had a few problems at one of the van exchanges, there is absolutely 0 cell coverage in the mountains where this race is held so when van 2 pulled into an exchange way ahead of when van 1 was expecting them we could not find each other (parking was spread out over 10 acres) as van 1 was not at the runners exchange because we were not expecting the other van to be there for another hour.

So I am poking around for ideas and solutions. My first thought was gps trackers but soon found that the vast majority of those rely on cell networks.

Rfid might be a solution but I'm not sure of the cost on that, may be very high

So even if we can't track the runners still, letting the 2 vans communicate with each other may be the next best thing

Here are my concerns, we had walkie talkies this last year which were pretty much useless for anything over a mile because of terrain (We had them on the wrong channel at the exchange so that was our fault), will cb have the same problems?

Cost? We are self funded and would need 2 complete setups, any ballpark cost I can work with?

Not permanent, at least one of the vans we will be using is a rental so nothing can be permanently installed

Is this a decent solution? Ideas?


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08-28-2018, 07:11 PM
Something like a Uniden 510 or 520xl (cost between $35-$65) and a magnetic- Magnet Mount antenna would work, and could easily reach out 2 or 3 miles, up to close to 10 miles out in the country away from city's...Get up in mountain area's and distance maybe reduced because of terrain but would be allot better than a walkie talkie...

You could just lay the radio in the seat or on the dash, and use a cigarette lighter adapter for power...then just stick the antenna on the roof and run the coax in threw a window or door jam...

For best results, the antenna needs to be on the roof!

The antenna would be the biggest expense, since magnet mounted antenna's usually run between $50-$100...Wilson makes a magnet mounted antenna called the "lil Wilson", this is a entry-level antenna and it will get the job done, but it also does not have that good of range...the Wilson 1000 or 5000 is much better...there's also a K40 that's pretty good, and runs in the same price range as the Wilson 1000's.

One reason I mentioned the Uniden 510 and 520xl is because they are simple and small...and better quality than some of the other small size CB Radios in the same price range like the Cobra 19 IV (which IMO is a P.O.S.)

With a CB you have 40 channels you can use, so if one channel is just to noisy, you can go to another channel unlike walkie-talkies which may only have 1 or 2 channels.

09-02-2018, 08:18 PM
I agree with Jesse on the magnetic base for temp. use, but if you are looking to receive and transmit at fullest potential substitute a 102" whip with a heavy duty spring on top of one the tri-mag bases (three big magnets in a triangle pattern). I used to run those loaded whips. Once I installed a 102" whip I have never ran anything else. The performance is much better.

And if you want to make a big hit up in dem der hills.....git ya sum magnetic "01" numbers fer tha sides uv da van. Jus be a shure you keeps in touch wit "Uncle Jesse" an "Daisy". Dem Duke boys wil keep ole' Rosco at bay.

09-04-2018, 06:13 AM
For what itís worth the sirio performer 5000 and the sirio pl145 antenna works pretty well for a base load antenna. They are pretty tall and that is what counts as is known. If he wants a magnet mount setup the combo above works quite well for a magnet mount setup. The Wilson 5000ís used to be great antennas, not sure about ones being produced today. At any rate, good day to all.