View Full Version : 5/8 wave penetrator

01-28-2019, 11:05 PM
What is proper length for 11 meter use I've seen from 21 to 23 feet

01-29-2019, 06:03 AM
I haven't set my new penetrator up yet, that will be done next spring but this is the info I got from a seasoned operator in another CB forum. He told me to start out at 22' and don't go over 22' 6". Somewhere else I read 22' 6.25" was the sweet spot. I'll probably start at 22' but might have to raise an lower it a few times to make sure I find the sweet spot. You will find the 22' 6.25" info in here in another post if you search. Good luck and let me know how you make out. It can be frustrating sorting thru the info.

01-29-2019, 06:19 AM
Thanks for the info white astrology not to make things confusing but I'm going to try to set mine at the .64 wave instead of the .625 wave. .640 from what I read is top gun but acording to the wave length formula it's at 23 foot so my penetrator is 22 9 so I will let u know thanks for the info

01-29-2019, 06:47 AM
LOL Your welcome. I just read in here elsewhere where Booty Monster said 22' 9.5". Part of that might be where people are measuring from. Unfortunately we might have to raise an lower it a few times to find the sweet spot. I put up a new Star Duster last year and I had to raise and lower that twice to get it close and I think I'll do it once more next spring to perfect it. And don't forget to use dielectric grease on your cable connections for corrosion purposes. I am also going to use Permatex Ultra Black Gasket maker ( 82180 ) to seal water out. Water getting in is what ruined my first Star Duster antenna. Yeah I will like to hear the run down on your set up and what your SWR ends up. Have a great day!

01-29-2019, 07:20 AM
Thanks again I will let u know it will be a few weeks till it warms up.