View Full Version : Hello from Nebraska

10-13-2019, 08:55 PM
Long time troll, first time signing up! Love all the information that I've found from google that links to this forum block, finally getting myself into fixing broken and trashed radio units from fellow truck drivers. Always had a thing for soldering and tiny difficult projects so why not put them all together with the fascination I have for radio communication! Lots to be learned here on my end and plenty of stupid questions to come from me for sure. Not really anything for equipment as I don't do tuning or modifications at the moment but more just get radios that don't power on or bad displays or minor things that I can figure out with a volt meter. I've done a few light changes and display changes to color for guys because thats simple remove and replace but would really like to get into alignments and upgrades at some point.

Look forward to learning more from all the genius folks in this group!