Dave Henderson
12-28-2019, 02:41 AM
I bought a cheap Uniden on Amazon. Paid this guy to tune it. For an Extra $100 cash he told me he could do something called a "peek and tweek" to turn my $50 CB radio in a $1000.00 CB radio by boosting the sender power or something I don't remember exactly only that it could be the same as the best super expensive models so I paid him.

Then I left his place and when to the auto electric mechanic and he hooked up the CB to the battery or fuse box. He said power is surging through CB radio messing up the reception but he doesn't know what fuse to use for the radio to limit the power. here is the CB radio manual


It says 12 volts in one place and 13.8 volts in another but doesn't say anything about the power needed for a peek and tweek.

So now I need a fuse connector and not sure what to get. It came with a 12 volt Cig plug in and thie manual mentions 13.8volts (so why did it come with a 12 volt?) but the tuner guy increased the power needs. So what voltage do I need for it now? 14? 15? 18 ?

The Auto electric guy doesn't have a clue and the CB tuner won't answer the phone. His GF said he was a trucker and gone for a long time.

Car is sitting at auto electric shop and I need an answer. Can someone please help me ?

12-28-2019, 05:34 PM
The radio just operates off a standard 12v system...Your car or truck is a standard 12v system...Just wire the radio straight to the battery, or use the cigarette lighter adapter that came with the radio...There should be a fuse holder on the power cable with a 10amp fuse inside, so all you have to do is hook the RED cord to the positive battery post, and hook the black wire either to the negative battery post, or just ground to the firewall or something...not rocket science...

13.8v is just what most cars alternators will be doing when running to keep the battery charged.

I would avoid hooking the radio up to the fuse box, mainly because doing so can sometimes cause the radio to pick up more electrical noises...

"Peak & Tune" has nothing to do with your electrical hook-up...P&T just means the tech maxed out the watts the radio will transmit at...and just a little "FYI", if he charged you $100 to do that, he took yo-ass to the cleaners! $20-25 is the going rate for P&T, and thats even a rip-off.

12-30-2019, 03:29 PM
Even then, you gotta take that with a grain of salt. Peaking the receiver is one thing (maximizes your ability to pull signals in while blocking adjacent channels... so that you only hear the channel you are listening on!). Peaking transmitters???? To a point.... ok..... but past that point you are more likely stressing the original components and asking for an earlier failure. A nominally adjusted radio (including a nice clean spectrum on transmit) and an AMP if you want power. Your output will be stronger AND cleaner.