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02-18-2020, 08:02 PM
Any body know what CB Secrets Vol. # covers the internal adjusts on a Cobra 29 NWST? I want to turn up the modulation to just under 100% to get it ready to sell on Craigslist. It's a great radio for someone who just wants AM but I'm going to unload my AM radios. I downloaded all the CB Secret volumes but it takes a while to go thru them all. Thanks in advance!:300 (169):

02-18-2020, 09:40 PM
See if you can find some help here!!!!


02-19-2020, 07:16 AM
Thanks for the help Bobcat! I briefly looked at it and it looked worthy of a bookmark spot on my computer. I have a CB folder in my bookmarks and it is bulging at the seams. LOL I'll be back there later today to scour thru your wealth of info. when I get more time. I was checking out that Cobra 29 NWST last night and it appeared it has the best receive circuit of any of my radios. There is a group that hangs out on channel 17 about 26 miles away and I could faintly pull them out and I could never do that with my other radios. Makes my curiosity sore thru the roof and hate to get rid of that good old Cobra and I yes I did try other radios and I couldn't pull them out even on the same antenna. PS That was running the Old Cobra barefoot with No Preamp!