View Full Version : Needing a Beefy compact rig as my Highway companion.

02-22-2020, 11:15 PM
So yeah I started using 27Mhz about 25 years ago and was a dx lover, but as time passed I moved onto vhf, uhf and eventually hf frequencies. But I've been rolling the idea around in my head for some time about installing a "compact" tweaked CB radio. Nothing spectacular with crazy Roger beeps and echos, I also don't need alot of wattage, maybe 30-40 MAX pep, I plan to use it for trucker contacts and what not on the highway alongside my Icom-5100a deluxe 2 meter/70 cm rig.. So ideas, ideas? The first couple rigs that come to my mind was Cobra 19s,18s and 29s, and some random unidens.. I've never used the "all in one" compact/remote radios like the uniden cmx760 or the cobra 75wx, I'm curious if to those radios can even be tweaked? Space is extremely limited, the install is in a 2008 Malibu LTZ...

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Secret Squirrel
02-24-2020, 08:05 PM
If you can find someone who has one in stock look a a Stryker 89MC v2. It is dual final, everything controlled from the mic. Its a 10 meter, easy to convert to 11 meter. The v2 is the dual final. The 89HP is singal final.

12-20-2021, 07:57 PM
President Andy 2 FCC or President Ronald. Compact, reliable as hell and more features per dollar than any cb in history. Caution with the uniden compacts 505, 510, 520 they are set up for electret not condenser mikes so a cobra mic or artistic power mic sound real quiet on them. There’s a setting change available for this on the President radios but not the uniden. The cobra 19dx is a great under appreciated little radio that you can turn up the modulation on and I’d throw a little KL203 behind it and a Wilson or Sirio radial you’d be golden pony boy!
My two cents your mileage may vary.
Keep me posted I’m interested.
PS - Another overlooked mobile antenn is a Larsen NMO 27C good if you run a hundred watts or less and you need a lightweight base loaded radial.

12-20-2021, 07:59 PM
Oh last two cents - a Cobra 19DX with a Road Devil power mic into a KL203 would be sweet! Very adjustable, low noise and clean power! Turn down the power on the Cobra 19 final to two watts or less though for the amps sake.

12-20-2021, 08:44 PM
President Ronald is my suggestion...mine works like a champ!https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20211221/0b8b893529a3ab03af0e5289d50551b5.jpg

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12-20-2021, 08:58 PM
:300 (201)::300 (201)::300 (201):

12-21-2021, 12:52 PM
President McKinley gets my vote...



12-21-2021, 01:02 PM
DIN size is handy on some of the new President radios. I don’t think many people are aware of that mounting option for four wheelers where space is at a premium. I love the McKinley best stock cb ever.

12-30-2021, 03:38 PM
My vote is with the President Mckinley, but I am bias as I have one :300 (124): Seriously, they are a nice radio, and mine work very well. Mine operates at 25w SSB/FM here in the UK.

Hog Sniper
02-01-2022, 09:38 PM
New guy here who just ordered a Stryker SR447 HPC2 for its compact size & decent power. Might be worth a look to the OP.