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03-06-2020, 10:07 PM
I want some help, whatever I can get could be helpful. I am new to the hoppy of CB radio and quite enjoy it. I started out as wanting a way for my buddies and I at school to communicate but Iíve started to love the community and have made contact with quite a few people. But thatís not what Iím here to discuss, I want to know about shooting skip. I know the general concept/science behind it (Skip off atmosphere for extended range,) but Iím still in the dark on a huge part of it. So, I have a few questions... Do you need SSB to shoot skip? Explanation of the weather data best suited for it, possible on a mobile radio? And whatever else you guys think I need to know about it. Like I said Iíve only been in it about 2-3 months but I want to expand (maybe even set up a base at home someday.) Whatever wisdom you wise people can bestow upon me is appreciated and I hope this can be used as a resource for others as clueless as me...

03-06-2020, 11:17 PM
Here is some basic reading to start! http://cbradiomagazine.com/Articles/How%20to%20Shoot%20Skip.htm


03-07-2020, 12:04 PM
What part of the curve are we on now for skip? Is it increasing or declining overall?

03-07-2020, 07:30 PM
What part of the curve are we on now for skip? Is it increasing or declining overall?

I can't answer that question because I've got too much going on at the moment to follow it but it is a good question and I hope someone chimes in to help the young ladd who is the future of our hobby. I basically just catch it when I can but I think we are in a down cycle at the moment. But you never know when your going to catch it rolling. Sometimes I catch it in the early evening. Last summer it rolled in often and seem to last awhile. Get your setup ready to rock & roll and turn it on frequently so your ready to dance when you catch it!

03-07-2020, 09:36 PM
What part of the curve are we on now for skip? Is it increasing or declining overall?
You are here...

Chart covers the last 20 years...

So as you can see...we currently are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel right now...Good thing is, the only direction from here is "UP!"

03-08-2020, 07:08 AM
Thanks JJD I figured you would help out. I knew I seen the cycle somewhere but didn't bookmark it. I'm trying to get ready to ride the wave and go Surfing. LOL

03-09-2020, 02:23 PM
We are at a sun spot minimum. What that really means is the suns surface is hotter without all the cooler sunspots. It means a low skip incidence. For a omni directional base station, you want an antenna that has a feed point close to or near the bottom, no coils. Beam antennas can enhance the condition some. Mobile antennas are somewhat directional to the mass so you could create a directional pattern. A good clean, on frequency signal will cover longer distances without the need for an ionospheric bounce.

03-15-2020, 09:35 AM
Thank you for the help! I’d also like to ask, I’m putting a hood channel mount on my car for my antenna. Do I use self tapping metal screws to install it or do I have to drill and find bolts to fit?

03-15-2020, 09:25 PM
I would use quality SS bolts, nuts, and washers. Self tapping screws may work initially, but would end up coming loose very quickly.

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Sticky Fingers
05-07-2020, 05:40 AM
The skip cycle is around 22 years for a full cycle , 11 years up and 11 years going back down again. Skip will still be there at the bottom of the cycle where we are at now but it wont be as prolific or as strong in most cases , it can only get better..... the 90's were great times to have a cb you could work the world for at least half the year with the other half being a little more subdued . A base setup with a beam and a little extra power is ideal but I have worked skip out of my car just as well when the conditions are there...... just yesterday I worked Aussi , but the opening was short and only made the one contact from my car , I run a yaesu FT 857d in my car with 100 watts. Hope you get some skip , I always hangout on side band ..... haven't used AM since the 70's and never will again.... ssb travels much better in skip conditions and much better than AM in local conditions..... Have some fun with the skip when you hear it....... I've always got my ears on :300 (131)::300 (131):