View Full Version : Galaxy DX 95T Modulation Issue

03-29-2020, 10:27 AM
Howdy All , Hope everybody is doing well

I’ve recently acquired a Galaxy 95T (Older One Red Display) and have modulation issues
I’m currently running it on a A99 with 1.2 - 1.3 SWR mic gain about 3 o’clock and a dead keys 25 watts and swings 90-100 using a stock dead mic
When the radio is first turned on it works as it should with outstanding on air reports but during a normal key conversation the modulation drops out within 5-10 min The dead key watts are still the same but no modulation ?
It’s hit and miss when first turned on as well ... sometimes it starts with no modulation right out of the gate ...
I took it to our local technician yesterday (35+yrs) and he has changed out multiple things in the modulation area of the board to try and resolve the issue including the final with no success
In his defense... he had some family commitments later in the day that may have been distracting during the troubleshooting and overlooked something...
Ive personality looked over the board inside and out to look for obvious problems ( Cold Solder , Burt Parts . Cracks Ect ) and see nothing obvious

I’m definitely not a tech but do have a little bit of knowledge in the Electronic field ( Not Much ) lol...

Hoping someone else has had this issue with this model or could give me some ideas of possible things to look for ...

Sincerely appreciate your time Mike