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05-01-2020, 10:58 PM
Hello I have a 2017 kenworth t680 and have a cobra 29 that has been peaked and tuned with a echo board installed. I just put the radio in it has been setting on the closet at my house for the last ten years. I have dual 3 foot Francis antennaís and everybody says radio sounds good I just canít receive a mile or so. Swr is good do I need taller antennas?

05-05-2020, 04:40 AM
Yes you need a taller antenna. 3ft antennas of any type are just too short. You want to be able to RX/TX of any kind of distance, youíll need a tall antenna. While you canít place a real tall antenna on your vehicle, something in the 6ft range would help a bunch over what you are using now.

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