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Sticky Fingers
05-06-2020, 04:19 AM
Hi folks I been on radio since I was 13 when I spent my hard earned money on my first and brand new cb Radio ,47 years later I'm still spending money on radios . I fix my own radios and fixed a lot for other people over the years to make a little extra money for more radio's haha. I build my own linears with proper AB or B biasing not that C class non linear rubbish. I've been a Ham for 30 years or so but have never forgotten my roots in CB like a lot of hams do..... I think everyone should be running at least a KW amp so we can make our own skip :playful: . I'm a fixer of things and a problem solver , if it looks to be beyond repair and you wanna throw it away give it to me :yaeh am not durnk: . I'm always looking to buy something interesting related to radios so I hope you have a for sale section here. I also build my own antenna's from yagi's to quads and mobile antenna's , I also build ham antenna's ..... all for fun of course. I hope I can be of some use round here..... I'm not a big forum talker but I sure do read a lot..... but if I find someone with a problem I can help with I will chime right in...... 73

05-06-2020, 06:25 PM
Nice ! Welcome aboard!

Sticky Fingers
05-07-2020, 06:54 AM
Nice ! Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the warm welcome :300 (138):

05-13-2020, 01:15 PM
Indeed welcome in.
I'm an old goat still interested in radio. Back in 1976 while I was in college for electronics my father in law went pretty wild on CB. Had a Starduster on a mast and a PDL-2 on a two section tower and he would talk all over the place. he is really the one that got me interested.

Now I am not too far from retirement, I am getting things set up to do hobby level servicing on my bench here. Wanting to learn CB repair as part of it. No plans to get rich..... just want to put my old electronics skills to work.