View Full Version : New to radios wife bought me a top gun predator

07-15-2020, 08:58 PM
Help. Iíve used a basic cobra 29 before but nothing with side bands and am/fm. I have no clue what Iím doing or even how to use this. I just wanted a decent cb for my semi. She bought me something funky. Iím in over my head. Itís been peaked and tuned by a reputable shop. I do know how to adjust antenna for swr. Where is the regular cb part on this thing. Iím lost

07-16-2020, 08:57 PM
The CB is still just a 40 channel radio, just three different ways to use it. Normally, truckers and basic base units use AM. For longer ranges and less crowded channels, Single Side Band (SSB) uses the same channel but either above (Upper Side Band USB) or below (Lower Side Band LSB). The ssb channels are a bit more fine tuned in the receiver so a vernier or fine tune control is provided. Not much different otherwise.

07-16-2020, 09:43 PM
The Band knob most likely will need to be on either "D" or maybe "E" for the regular 40 CB channels...The Band switch probably in the "H" setting..."WX" is for weather channels, so when you want to hear the NOAA weather channels just flip down to WX...

The other Band letters and the Band switch for H and L are so you can go to other frequencies in the 10 Meter Band, I would avoid those channels however unless you have your HAM License...

If your still unclear on which letter to set the Band knob and Band switch at for CB Channels, call the shop where you bought the radio and ask them...They would know since they did the conversion for 11 Meter (CB Band)

The other switch (PA-AM-FM) set that on AM...no one in the US uses FM, that's more of a UK thing...

07-17-2020, 06:05 AM
Does your radio look like this one from Bob's CB Shop? He is is just off I80 in PA. https://www.bobscb.com/shop/product/3902/Top-Gun-Technologies-Predator-120---AMFMPAWX-Black-10-Meter-Amateur-Mobile-Radios/

07-23-2020, 08:46 AM
Yes this is the radio and where it came from