View Full Version : Which antenna do I need ?

08-20-2020, 04:05 PM
Okay, going to put my Cobra 29 LTD in my new to me, 2018 Ford F150. I have heard conflicting stories on what antenna to use because these trucks are all aluminum. Some say only a no ground plane antenna system like firestick NGP will work. Others say a standard Firestick will work.
So fill me in with some of y,all's wisdom.

Thanks !

10-19-2020, 11:48 PM
As long as its grounded any antenna will work on that truck. It doesnt matter if its aluminum or not. I would use stainless steel bolts for any mounting to keep corrosion down. Myself I always liked a 102" whip mounted on a mirror mount in a stake hole but many of these newer trucks dont have stakeholes. Bummer. If youre going to use a firestick on the bed I would recommend the longest one you can get besides the 7'. The 7's break easy if you hit anything solid. Ive never been a fan of springs even on a 102. Really an antenna on top the cab might prove better in performance but you are stuck using a mag mount or putting a permanent puck up there. Lots of guys swear by the Wilson 5000's on a mag but I did better with 4 and 5 ft Firestiks on my van. I have this old mirror mount Ive had for 40 plus years and its had almost every antenna ever made screwed into it and its just so versatile to the way I set up my antennas. Heck Ive even used it a few times for a temp base. Ive had to replace the puck a couple of times but the mount works on almost anything. Lol