View Full Version : Pinto 23 Channel Base Station JCPenney power supply help

09-11-2020, 04:42 PM
Pinto 23 Channel Base Station, JCPenney, power supply help. What power supply will work? The DC12Volt in the top right of the image is a single rectangle adapter (One metal connector). I am assuming that works in conjunction with the bottom ground clip in the bottom left of the image.

1st: Can an AC cord be wired up straight to the AC120Volt? Is there a step down inside the CB?
2nd: I'm not sure of the type of DC12Volt connector with just a single clip. What is is called?

I'm totally new to this so please bear with me. Thank you for your support.

Pink placard notes:
Catalog No. 981-0607
12Volt DC-Negative Ground
120 Volt AC 60Hz 25W
Fuse 2 Ampere


09-13-2020, 01:15 PM
It originally probably came with two different power cords...one for AC and another for DC. Some Sears brand radios came with two also.

Most likely if the radio has a built in Transformer, then all you would need to do is rig up a cord to those two pins where the AC cord would plug in, and be good to go...If there's not a big transformer on the inside then you would need a AC/DC converter, but I'm willing to bet the radio has a transformer inside.

Be better to have the original cord...good luck finding one.

09-14-2020, 10:02 AM
I opened it and YES, it did have the transformer. I was able to use an old PC cord to power it with a little tweaking. Thank you, JesseJamesDallas, for your help. Now I'm going to look into beefing up this old thing.