View Full Version : Galaxy DX- Series Meter Back Lights

10-06-2020, 12:02 PM
When replacing the meter back lights on a Galaxy DX- series radio, I discovered that some suppliers offer lamps that draw 100mA. The original spec for those lamps is 50mA. The 2SC945 lamp driver transistor on the PCB behind the meter is rated at max Ic of 100mA. Also, the 39 ohm current limiting resistor is 1/4 Watt. The math dictates that if you use the 100mA lamp, the transistor should be changed to a device that can comfortably handle the increased current. A drop-in replacement would be an NTE-85 (Ic 500mA), and that resistor should be upgraded to a 1/2 Watt rating. Or, goldeneagleradios.com sells the correct lamps, and you could avoid the upgrades. 73.