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10-28-2020, 09:34 PM
Howdy to all,
20 years Army retired, CB'er off and on, here and there.
(92-94)Stationed at Ft Bliss, Tx.
CB was still big back then. Before GPS and cell phones took over.
Even carried a handheld when I was in my office at the motor pool.
I stashed an antenna, 102 w/ground plane, on the roof of our barracks, attached to the heating unit.
That was the best base station I ever had, cobra 29LTD matched to a white tornado 225 kicker.
All running from an optima red top battery and battery charger in my barracks room.
I had a big map of El Paso, so I was always helping truckers with directions.
I have to say, it was awesome when someone hollered for that base station next to the airport.
Because his buddy in Chicago told him to ask for help from Magyver when he got into El Paso.
I spent a lot of time on that radio, and loved every minute of it.
(94-97) stationed in Germany, no cb
(98-00) stationed at Ft Knox, KY.
Not as busy as El Paso, but we had quite a few CB skunk hunts.
Gotta, say I do miss the hunts. It was always a fun family thing.
Retired in 2007 and back home in Iowa now.
Digging through the old CB stuff, repairing and back to soldering. Haha
Yes, I know how to spell the real MacGyver, but that is not me. HAHA!

10-29-2020, 11:12 AM
Welcome Sir and thank you for your service.