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11-12-2020, 01:54 AM
Running a Lil Wil over a Stryker SR-447 HPC2. Toyota Tacoma.

11-14-2020, 01:32 PM
Welcome, to Cb Junkies!

Sounds like a pretty good set-up, you have! Was wondering, where you installed a Cb, in your Tacoma??

I have a Tacoma also... but could not really think of a place, to install one, without drilling holes or being

a bit in the way! So, I opted, for Midland's handheld, 75-822. I paired it, with a Wilson 1000 Magnetic

mount antenna (62.5"). Made my first contact, with it yesterday. Talked to a trucker, while just sitting in

my driveway. He was about, 3-3.5 miles out. And, he told me, that I was definitely, getting out and

sounding good. So, that was good to know. I look forward to using it some more... and getting an idea,

of the range of this radio.

Never really cared for the handheld's, until I was kind of limited on options in installation. But, am

getting used to it... it is kind of handy. And, so far seems to work pretty well.

How, do you like that Lil' Wil?

Have a Great Day!

11-14-2020, 01:56 PM
Vagabond, I have never found a place adequate for a full size radio in the Tacoma. This Stryker model is DIN sized and is about as small a chassis as I can find without going mobile. I currently have the 447 sitting in the passenger seat and am considering removing the plastic molded piece directly under the ashtray and attempting to fit it in that little area. I just recently rebuilt the shifter bushings from the shift handle which required the removal of the center console and storage area to the rear of it. I think this forward "cap" should come out with 2 screws and not having to remove the console shifter mechanism again. Will update if this works.
The Lil Wil is a great antenna for the footprint. 40 inches vs 60 inches. I would prefer the 1000 and may upgrade to that model. Used to run a Wilson 5000 years ago.
I also am running power through the firewall directly to the battery. This radio is pushing 50-60 watts and the cigarette lighter circuit might not care for it. That Midland looks like it is really Tacoma friendly.

11-14-2020, 03:22 PM

Sounds like you have been busy! I like the antenna... except that I have to unscrew the antenna to pull in the garage.

A bit of a pain. Lately, when I know I want to use it. I just keep my truck in the driveway.

I tried it again today... it is sunny and beautiful here today. Not much cb stuff going on where I live. I did make my 2nd

contact today. about a mile further out than yesterday. about 3-1/2-4 miles. We were going away from each other.

I like the fact, that the little handheld sits perfectly across the cup holders... in front of the storage console.

I have a cool storage bag... I put the draw string over 4x4 shifter handle... and laid storage bag over the cup holders.

I just lay the unit on that nice soft bag... and it stays there. Not in the way, and easy to grab. And looks kind of cool


I still think, I can get further out. Found a cb club, that chats on channel 3 on Tue.@8pm. I plan to listen and chat and

get a better idea of how this works. So far, I am pretty happy with it.

One thing I will mention about the Wilson 1000. Not only do you have to take it off to get in my garage... but the only

way it fits INSIDE the Tacoma. Is with the base on drivers side seat with whip pointing towards the passenger side into

the X-Cab area. Otherwise, you can unscrew it and put it in the bed of the truck.

The cigarette lighter, is nice also... and really doesn't look unsightly. The wires you don't really see.

And don't intend to run anything but 4 watts of power.

Good Luck with your project!!! Keep me posted.

P.S- I checked out your radio. I am pretty new to all this stuff. You do Ham radio then???

11-14-2020, 04:06 PM
I shall do that. Also a word of advice when you unscrew that ant from the mag mount.... don't forget to screw on the cap to keep rain or contamination out. That's assuming you are leaving the mag mount on the truck. I ruined my 5000 by forgetting about that.

11-14-2020, 04:33 PM
YES....Indeed. I have been... Thank-You, for the advise. I, do have the mag mount exactly where I want it. And when
I unscrew the antenna... I do put the cap on. I only put the antenna in the bed temporarily.
I saw that your radio, was Am also?... I believe?. Sorry, to sound so inept, about radios... but I am. LOL.
Thanks, for the advise... Good luck to you!

11-14-2020, 11:19 PM
I missed your question about Ham. Yes, I am a Ham operator with a General class license. I don't use the Stryker CB for ham. Alot of my friends run CB so I help tune their antennas and use mine when we are checking out a new install. We are in a rural area. Some of them have handheld Ham radios primarily the inexpensive Baofeng's and monitor but are not licensed. My son drives a big rig and uses the Stryker Sr-955 HPC with the Wilson center loaded antenna's.

11-15-2020, 01:24 AM
That Stryker Sr-955 HPC is a nice looking radio. The SSB would be nice. Congrats, on being a General Class Ham.

Was starting, to get involved with a group in town, a while back... that was involved, in starting a local Emergency

Club. I guess, there wasn't enough interest in it, and it fell through. Was all set to take the test... and never did after

that happened. I still want to get it. I have seen the hand held Baofeng's. They are decent radios.

Got to like those Wilson antennas!!!!!

Take Care