View Full Version : Jc penney 6241 off freq

11-15-2020, 11:33 PM
Hi guys, I got a JC PENNEY 6241 radio.
It is a 40 channel AM SSB radio.
When I received it the transmit did not work, I then proceeded to undo all of the modifications such as clarifier extra channels and put it back to stock. I believe I got everything out, now It transmits and receives but it's about 7 KC's low on frequency, checked with freq counter and my spectrum analyzer, idea of what I might do to get this thing on freq ??

Here's a link up on one of my websites to the same photo facts for this model, if you guys would like to dig into the schematic.

/SamsPhotofacts235forjcpen ney6241.pdf

Kevin Rea
Lancaster, Calif.