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Mistah Gravy
04-03-2012, 12:31 PM
hey guys i was wondering if one of ya' could help me here:i've got a brand new 1500watt power inverter that i bought last year and it's been sitting in my room ever since and i now want to install it in my Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. some time this week. the question i have is this-the power inverter has to be connected directly to the battery because of the draw on power so they included a 6gauge power and 6gauge ground but they are both only 26inches long.with that,i would have to mount the damn thing under the hood and as far as i know and have read on the power/packaging,it isn't waterproof(rain).

so i am wondering,because i'd like to mount this power inverter in the back of my Jeep near the
back-door so i will need to purchase at leat 14to16feet of power and 14to16feet of ground but i am not sure if that long a stretch of 6gauge will be good enough to carry the power should i ever need 1000 or 1500watts.currently i only use my 400watt power inverter to charge my phone,run my CB,run my laptop, and other smaller devices like those.but i'd like to be capable of providing 1000to1500watts at any time

should i get 14to16feet of 4gauge or even 2gauge(if they make 2gauge).i don't want to be popping fuses all the time because my power/ground are too weak.
what's cool about this power inverter is that it's got a 16ft. long power ooutlet that i mount on my dashboard or wherever i'd like.it's also got a remote switch on it.i just leave the power button that is on the inverter in the "On" position and i can turn it on and off from the switch on the side of the power outlet.

so should i go with a larger than 6gauge power/ground wires or will 6gauge carry that kind of power?

thanks in advance for any information or advice-Scott/Gravy-626

High Voltage Mobile NJ
04-03-2012, 03:34 PM
i no guys that have tryed it and it doesn't work because of the frequency needed on 27 mhz. its hard to explain . in a dc aplication it might work but you will have a screeching noise in the background because of the lack of filtering in the power inverter . make sure the duty cycle is much higher than your watts from the amplifier . a 5 pill might be the max you can run unless the power inverter is beefed up better with larger filter capacitors and a different DC output line . try different amplifiers and see how ya audio sounds and your signal does not get choppy. start with ya smallest amplifier . and good luck to yaaaa. if the unit has fuses run the largest wire you possibly can like 0 gauge or something close to that . remember fuses rob amps !!!! i dont run fuses in line with my amplifiers . the power invertor probably has a circuit breaker .

04-03-2012, 08:35 PM
gravy , i would invest in #00 welding lead cable to carry that kind of load that distance IMHO

04-04-2012, 03:52 PM
i had one in my van that size i ran 4 and ran it for hours at work no problems no heat i also grounded mine to the frame near the inverter and just ran the positive to the battery but depends if you battery has a good ground to frame
also as high voltage said if you try to run base radio or anything off it you will probably hear some high frequency inverter whine

Mistah Gravy
04-04-2012, 04:15 PM
well i would only be using the inverter to run things like the laptop and if i go camping-tv/dvd.i wouldn't run radio equipment off of it.but i would be running the radio through the 12v-cig plug and any amp would be run straight to the battery.
either way,it sounds like i wouldn't want to run the inverter at the same time as radio equipment?as long as i don't run the inverter at the same time as radio equipment i will be fine?