View Full Version : Hello! Old School looking for a comeback!

12-15-2020, 03:18 AM
Grew up in and electronics family! I went the route of becoming and electrician and my brother followed my fathers path and became and electronics guru! Nonetheless, I have a mixed bag of knowledge to be a bit dangerous! 😂. For years growing up my father was “The CB Guy” on the side, when not working on 2-way equipment. Then my brother “Two-Way” took up where Pops left off! He was the go to guys for quite a few CBer’s in West Alabama back in the day. Two-Way and myself were both big into running strong setups in our mobiles and bases. I’ve been out of the game for about 20 years now and Two-Way has since passed on due to his fight with Cancer.

Back in the day I ran a modded 29 LTD with a TS 667v in the Mobile. Followed by my base setup(my baby), which was Galaxy Saturn into a Varmint XL250 driving a Super Scout and pumping about a little over 3k watts out through 120’ Rohn 25 tower with Stacked 3’s! Talk about good times! But no sleep at night from staying on the air!

I’m looking to start back dabbling in CB cause I miss it! But I don’t think I’ll get as crazy into as I did back in the mid 90’s. A lot of new equipment out there now, got to weed through and determine some setups! Should be fun!

Signed: “LiL Bubba”

12-15-2020, 05:13 AM
Welcome Back ! Lots has changed, mostly the people since the 70s-80s & 90s. But the challenge is still the same. Good Luck

12-19-2020, 08:17 AM
Yes welcome back. I got back into it this year after stopping in the early 1980's. Doing the SSB thing now cause I couldn't afford one back in the day.