View Full Version : Running a Galaxy 4600 turbo and TS667v in SUV

01-07-2021, 08:05 PM
I need recommendations on an antenna with set up in a 2011 Tahoe. Was thinking about a predator 30k on a magnet but not sure. The truck sits over 6 foot as it is. Really interested in hearing suggestions. Thanks

01-08-2021, 10:51 PM
Iím running a predator 10k on my Tacoma and itís well under the power lines in my area. The only issue is some drive through restaurants are a no go even with a spring. But thatís the sacrifice for big antennas on top. Iím thinking of going to mounting it to the back of my bed with a custom mount which will make it more friendly but sacrifice forward range I think

01-09-2021, 08:09 AM
One member in here runs a Sirio Performer 5000 with success and it will fold down to run under a canopy. I run a K40 on top of my Astro van and it gives good performance but you have to give a 1/4 turn to dismount the coil & stinger from the base to fit under a canopy. Make sure you check for the coax length you need for your installation because they come with different lengths installed.

01-15-2021, 04:05 PM
Good Day!

A Wilson 1000 Magnetic mount... would be my choice! I had a detailed reply for you... but, when I sent it... it didn't go

through. So, I will try this once again.

Awesome antenna... if you want particulars... would be glad to share them with you. But, I want to make sure... I

don't type a lot... for nothing. LOL.