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04-12-2021, 04:50 AM
Hi I am Mike, a guy from germany who enjoys cb radio since the late 80s. I like chrome and wood style radios and love old S-meters.
I am looking forward to the next sun maxima to talk to you guys again but for now we can talk here and feel free to ask me anything about electronics, I like to share knowledge, which I collected from work, the net or the outcome of smoking circuits in my early days.
Not sounds trustworthy I know lol, but was a joke.
Last cb thing I did was giving a dead Jackson 1 the Jackson 2+ feeling, a better Squelch, a MRF455a final, up down keys and a real fast scan. Let's say I know a bit of MCUs, PLLs and stuff of the good old analog days,so I think I will fit in here and now you know a bit about my topics.
73 friends