View Full Version : Issues Getting Out

The Builder
04-17-2021, 05:49 AM
Here's my situation- 980SS/KL203P/Inverted Dipole (20ft up) surrounded by fairly tall trees and can't seem to get out to much of anybody/any where - anybody have any suggestions - maybe change type of antenna or maybe move dipole to garage attic - I'm stumped as to how to proceed - thanks in advance!

04-17-2021, 06:41 AM
The CB world doesn't have as much traffic as it use to. Try putting in your car or truck with a mobile antenna to check your area. And lets not forget checking your SWR on your Base set-up.

red rock
05-05-2021, 03:18 AM
have you tried vertical,horizontal,inverted V or L. i've tried all with no db gain. the good part was ch 1-40 was a fantastic low swr at 20 feet. good luck

05-05-2021, 04:33 PM
"Height is Might".............20' is not very high for a CB antenna....30' IMO would be the shortest...But, you need to get "above" the tree line to really get out.