View Full Version : Saying hello but yet the forums takes me in circles...

04-23-2021, 04:34 AM
Hello and greetings, my name is Jim, just getting into CB radios, and received my first ever CB radio for my Jeep, as a birthday gift from my family, a Bearcat 880, main reason I wanted it was for the NOAA weather radio function, and the ability to listen to what the truckers say, or if there is traffic problems be able to figure out whats up and if i need an alternate route to by pass the problems, so in that respect, here I am searching around for answers to minor annoyances I am having with my set up. I currently am living in the good ol north ease state of Connecticut, so the area I am in is possibly not the best for tuning my radio but for what it is worth I got my SWR down to pretty low levels from what I can tell....though still get a lot of noise (static and humming from the engine and what not), so I have been looking for a solution on solving that part of the puzzle, which is why I decided to look fr a community of people with more knowledge then I.