View Full Version : Cobra GR 29 LTD ST loudspeaker suddenly very quiet

05-20-2021, 02:49 PM
Hello, I'm from Germany, and I have a problem, namely I have a Cobra GR29 LTD ST (401834B-1) and the speakers are suddenly very quiet. 🤔

If I turn up the volume completely and also turn the squelch up or down, the loudspeaker remains very quiet, and the one against the stadium can hardly be heard either.

What could be the cause of this. 🤔

I actually wanted to throw it away and buy a used one, but I can't, that's why I installed a new IC TA7217AP and also two electrolytic capacitors, but unfortunately that didn't solve the problem.

I think it is some kind of capacitor but which one. 🤔🤣

I am not so familiar with it and unfortunately I cannot find a circuit diagram for it.

I very much hope that you can help me there. 🙏